Thursday, September 18, 2008

Company Supplying Welding Tools on the Net

Finding Welding Suppliers On the Web.

I do a lot of touring around on the net to source welding supplies I use in blacksmithing business. Since I do a lot of welding it is one of my prioritys to find.

Often finding a consistent source can be more important than price. Several times I have found a consumable item and then not being able to get it after I have purchased it a few times. Then I have to source another welding supplier. A bit annoying.

So I have found a company that has been around on the net for quite some time The Eastwood Company . They have a great assortment of welders of all sizes and price ranges. They also have great deals on auto darkening welding helmets. (If you have never tried an auto darkening welding hemet it is the greatest thing. See my other posts on welding helmets.) This company has been on the net since 1999 so you know they have a track record be hind them.

This company caters mostly to the motorcycle and car restoration crowd. A lot of the tools are designed for sheet metal work. There certainly is much that I can us in my artistic blacksmithing or in general welding.

Take a look at their catalogue especially if you do any sheet metal repairs or general welding.

Just Click on The Eastwood Company

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