Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welding Magnetic Jig

Handy 75 lb Magnetic Jig

This is one of the handiest tools I have found to help with welding. I have several in my shop.

It is a very strong magnet inside two pieces of steel that have 90 degree and 45 degree angles cut into them.

When I am welding something this becomes my third hand to hold things in position while I tack weld them.

If you are new to welding be aware that metal will shrink towards the weld when it is cold. So If I clamp two bars at 90 degrees with this magnet and do a complete weld on one side of the joint. When it cools it will be out of alignment as it will move.

You can compensate by movinging it out of alignment the other way first. There is a trick to this as you have to know just how much to over compensate so that it pulls into align ment.

You can also just use the magnetic jig to hold it in place and tack weld it and adjust cold and tack weld on the other side of the joint. If you balance the weld (even amount on inside and outside of joint) the steel won't move too far.

I use the magnetic jigs when I have multiple pieces that need to be held for a tack and I can't do it with one hand. They are also particularily handy when I am welding a frame such as window grill.

Again it is slick little jig for magneticaly holding your work in position while you tack weld it.
For more information about these magnetic jigs for welding just click on the image or the link.
75 LB Welding Magnet Square

75 LB Welding Magnet Square

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

If you have been around welding for a bit you will have heard of the new auto darkening welding helmets. They allow you to see the work clearly before you strike your arc, then in an instant it goes dark so you can see the weld.

You are 100% protected from the UV at all times!

I bought mine years ago. I found that my productivity triple just by switching helmets. I have been so pleased now after years of use. If you do a lot of welding or even some you will find this tool of great help to you.

Prices have come down a great deal now as well. Also remember they don't like to be dropped.

Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet for Tig Or Mig

Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
for Tig Or Mig

High Quality Brand New auto darkening welding helmet for
mig, tig, or stick welding.SOLAR POWERED!! Works for tig
welding too. Don't settle for a low quality cheap auto darkening
helmet as it is not worth the injury to your eyes or to have
the battery acid leak on your face.


THIS IS A HIGH-QUALITY HELMET at a great price!!
Product details:View window area is 3 5/8" x 1 5/8"
Size of filter module is 4 3/8" x 3 5/8"UV/IR
Protection: Up to shade no. DIN 15 at all times
Light shade: DIN3 (4)
Dark Shade is 9-13 variable
Switching time: From light to dark 1/10000 of a second,
from dark to light delay time is adjustable 0.6 second
Adjustable headbandANSI and CE approved
Solar poweredManufacturer's details may vary,
shade adjustment knob is on the inside of the helmet

$89.99 USD

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