Thursday, October 23, 2008

Top of the Line Mig Welding Machine

Clarke 265 amp Mig Welder

I am all for saving money where I can but there is a time to spend on a heavy duty production welder.

This 265 amp welder is one of the best that I have seen. Welds 22 gage up to 7/16th in a single pass. It is a 230 volt machine from Eastwood. Mig produces clean welds on steel and aluminum. No chipping of slag as from arc welders.

If you are interested in a high quality welder check out the bottom link for more information.

265T Mig/Flux Turbo 265 Amps Welder

265T Mig/Flux Turbo 265 Amps Welder

The Clarke 265 Amp MIG Welder features 7 heat settings
and vaiable wire feed controls.
Suitable for welding light 22 gauge (.031") to 7/16",
30% duty cycle
Can be used with or without shielding gas.
(requires 19238 regulator for gas use not included)
Requires a 220 VAC 30 amp circuit.
Includes welder, hand held shield, 10'ground cable,
10'torch assembly, 6' power cord, 35-270 Amp output.
Made in Italy.
NOTE: Heavy Weight Shipping Charges Apply.
Please call Customer Service at 1-800-544-5118.

If you use a small mig welder now, there is a world of difference when you step up to a large welder. The Mig welder I use is also Italian made. It will weld 3/8 inch in a pass so it is a bit smaller than the Clarke above but it has transformed the ease of welding for me. One of my best investments in the shop.