Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

If you have been around welding for a bit you will have heard of the new auto darkening welding helmets. They allow you to see the work clearly before you strike your arc, then in an instant it goes dark so you can see the weld.

You are 100% protected from the UV at all times!

I bought mine years ago. I found that my productivity triple just by switching helmets. I have been so pleased now after years of use. If you do a lot of welding or even some you will find this tool of great help to you.

Prices have come down a great deal now as well. Also remember they don't like to be dropped.

Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet for Tig Or Mig

Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
for Tig Or Mig

High Quality Brand New auto darkening welding helmet for
mig, tig, or stick welding.SOLAR POWERED!! Works for tig
welding too. Don't settle for a low quality cheap auto darkening
helmet as it is not worth the injury to your eyes or to have
the battery acid leak on your face.


THIS IS A HIGH-QUALITY HELMET at a great price!!
Product details:View window area is 3 5/8" x 1 5/8"
Size of filter module is 4 3/8" x 3 5/8"UV/IR
Protection: Up to shade no. DIN 15 at all times
Light shade: DIN3 (4)
Dark Shade is 9-13 variable
Switching time: From light to dark 1/10000 of a second,
from dark to light delay time is adjustable 0.6 second
Adjustable headbandANSI and CE approved
Solar poweredManufacturer's details may vary,
shade adjustment knob is on the inside of the helmet

$89.99 USD


Unknown said...

There are many variations of welding helmets to choose from however the most popular among them is an auto darkening Welding Helmet. Once you have made the decision to purchase this type of helmet there are other things that also need to be taken into consideration. If you're going to be using your helmet on a daily basis it will be a good idea to select one that has a variable shade.

Jackson said...

Auto darkening welding helmets from BOC's range protect the eyes, face and neck from the heat, sparks and light associated with welding. longevity welding helmet

Anna Schafer said...

You are 100% protected from the UV at all times!plasmacutterarena

Franky Lee said...

Wow ! Awesome post about welding Helmet! Are you know? are an exciting form of travel and recreation!!!!! if correct safety measures are not observed, riding a motorcycle could be a threatening corporation!

Owais Khan said...

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Peter said...
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Peter said...

Great "how to" guide--thanks so much for sharing your insights!

- Peter

Unknown said...

The grinding mode feature allows the welder to work with ease, grinding mode option helps to prevent the darkening in the period of welding. And the newest feature of best welding helmet 2017 is the detection angle to prevent the automatic response of auto darkening filters in the arc from the neighboring welders.