Sunday, September 5, 2010

Combining Wood and Metal

Use Welding to Create Structure Then Add Other Materials to Compliment it.

Most of my work is forged then welded together. Individual components made with the forging process then assembled into the final structure.

So with a table I would create the individual rails and legs by forging them. Then they are welded together to create the structure of the table. The table top could be glass, stone, or wood. The easiest to attach is the wood. This can be done by welding tabs underneath with holes previously drilled for counter sunk screws.

I am not a wood worker. In the past I have worked with artisan wood worker Guy Roy who has made excellent wood table tops for some of my tables. You can see some of Guy's work on his website Ontario Custom Furniture.

If you do wood work as well then you can easily combine the two materials. If you are like me and prefer to concentrate on the metal work find someone like Guy that can work with wood the way you work with metal.